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Vereeniging is a city in Gauteng province, South Africa, with a population of more than 350,000. It is also one of the constituent
parts of the Vaal Triangle region and was formerly situated in the Transvaal province. The name Vereeniging is derived from the Afrikaans
word meaning "association" or "union".


The city was founded in 1892 and is situated on the banks of the northern loop of the Vaal River. Much of its early growth was
due to the nearby coal mines.

The city is well known for being the location where the Treaty of Vereeniging ending the Second Boer War (1899-1902) was negotiated.
During this conflict, a concentration camp was set up by the British military in the area.
Nearby Vereeniging is the predominantly black community of Sharpeville, Gauteng, the site of the Sharpeville massacre in 1960.

The present

The city is currently one of the most important industrial manufacturing centres in South Africa, with its chief products being
iron, steel, pipes, bricks, tiles and processed lime. Several coal mines are also still situated in the area, with reserves being
estimated at 4 billion tons. Other mines nearby extract fire-clay, silica and building stone.
Vereeniging also has several Eskom thermal power plants that supply electricity to the nearby goldmines.Since 1999, Vereeniging has been part of the Emfuleni Local Municipality.

Interesting facts

* F.W. de Klerk was first elected to the South African parliament in 1969 as the member for Vereeniging.
* Although named after Vereeniging, the Treaty of Vereeniging was actually signed at Melrose House, Pretoria.

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